Conference Student/Resident/Nurses (Low income or lower middle income countries)


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Allied Health/Student/Resident/Nurses (low income or lower middle income countries)


Asia Pacific Stroke Conference 2018


The burden of stroke is enormous an in many aspects, leading to body handicap or incapability individually, but causing tremendous familial, social and economic impacts in our society. As stroke and health professionals, we all have to face big challenge of burden, since we have a large population in Asia-Pacific region, a rapidly increasing rate of metabolic syndromes due to lifestyle changes and the rapid rising of aging societies in these areas which bring more and more problem. Asia Pacific Stroke Organization (APSO) was established on June 9th 2009 through the merge of Asia Pacific Stroke Association and Japan Stroke Forum. The main objectives of APSO are:

  • To promote and encourage the advancement of scientific knowledge, research and practice in all aspects of stroke.
  • To promote, encourage, organize the post-graduate training and participate in the continuing education process of other members of health professional organizations in the field of stroke.
  • To influence the policy for stroke practice and improve the health service.

In line with the objective, particularly regarding post graduate training and education program in the field of stroke, the organization host an annual scientific event, called Asia Pacific Stroke Conference (APSC), as its form of dedication to promote the advancement of scientific knowledge in all aspects of stroke. In 2018, Jakarta-Indonesia will hold the honor to host this great event for the first time.