Apps APSC 2018

Mobile Apps Guide APSC 2018

1.Download APSC apps on Playstrore or iOS

2. Install

3. Open the APSC apps then click the Login Menu

4. Enter the email that is listed when registering on the website

5. Enter the password “apsc2018”

6. After entering successfully you can see the event you selected in the My Event menu

7. Use QR Code apps to miss the event

8. scan QR Code apps are done by the committee when you will enter the event room

Problems and Solutions:

1. Make sure you know the email address that you specified when registering on the website in the registration form.

2. If the login on the app does not work, please check the writing of your email again.

3. Application questions and problems please call the number:

+62 83815219493 (Vicky)

or via email: